Welcome to takwenat

Takwenat is known with its capabilities to handle a diverse type of projects under various challenging circumstances. It aims to serve their clients professionally and as expediently as possible. Takwenat have developed relationships with their clients that encourage trust in our ability to perform. For those reasons, Takwenat have always maintained their own forces and crews who can be depended upon to perform at critical times.


about us

Takwenat Consulting Engineering is known as one of the leading consulting offices around the regions of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Takwenat has been recognized through their notable projects and its capabilities to provide the entire required services for construction, engineering works, design project, and project management. Additionally, Takwenat is specialized in cadastral surveying works as they perform cadastral business such as road works, land subdivision, cadastral outline, cadastral topographic (contouring), calculate quantities, GPS for mines and quarries, utilizes advanced devices like Total Station & GPS and GIS Software.


Takwenat aims to provide high-quality services in harmony, creativity, and technical progress that reflect the upscale architectural style and to minimize the costs of construction, operation, and project maintenance inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.