about us

Takwenat Consulting Engineering is known  as one of the leading consulting offices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is able to provide all the required services for the construction, engineering projects, design projects and project management, Starting with the initial feasibility studies through development of the operational plans for construction and engineering design to the supervision and management of sites, you will find below a brief explanation of the various areas of our activities:

Project Management:

We have the necessary resources to manage the process of construction and engineering on behalf of our customers whether comprehensive services from the beginning until the final delivery or until a certain stages, such as the design and construction phase of our activities within the project management, which include:

Feasibility studies:

These studies include Economic evaluation and the possibility of the application and the economic feasibility and the costs and benefits of checking the validity of the site and its definition and selection, organization and re-design and renewal of existing facilities and equipment (current) ....Etc.

Building plan development:

As a starting point in the development stages of the project and the budget the Takeenat will put the construction plan, using design methods to determine the type of spaces for each use to be able to clearly define the needs of the client (the owner) in the form of specialized area and the total construction area.

Design Management:

When we work, both as an independent consultant to represent the client (the owner) or the direct supervision and design work in the office, Takweenat can efficiently provide activities related to the design of the multi-disciplinary projects, Typical activities in the field of design management are:

  • Descriptive determination of the scope of the project and the preparation of specifications and general conditions for the design stages.
  • preparing tenders or architectural design contracts.
  • preparing terms of design and contract terms and contract specifications.
  • selection of the architect and engineering contractor and contract award.
  • supervision and check plans and engineering calculations, construction
  • obtain governmental approvals and the relevant statutory schemes and design.
  • Management architectural competitions and design contracts.
  • Value Engineering.
  • Project planning
  • With the start of the project through the various stages of design and construction plans are scheduled to use them as tools to achieve the objectives of the project and for the optimal use of the time period and to monitor and report the work progress in any phase of the project and analyze the impact of deviations in any fields of the project on the total program of the project and the providing of alternative plans when necessary and the plans formed of bar charts and tables repetitive runways and graphs and curves of the critical path networks and other applications are using computer spreadsheets or computer software designed to manage projects such as Primavera and details which vary according to the nature and complexity of the project.